Payq rent collection for real estate investors and property managers.

Payq Incasso has over 10 years of experience in collecting rental arrears for real estate investors and property managers.

Personalized approach

Through personal contact with your tenant and smart software, we often manage to prevent rental arrears from escalating, with the aim of optimizing the return on your real estate. If rental arrears do occur and the only solution is to part ways with your tenant, we can fully and quickly assist you with the termination of the lease agreement and eviction of the premises.


Sometimes in rental collection, a legal procedure can be avoided by finding cheaper housing for a tenant through our extensive network. This helps your tenant to have lower monthly expenses and increases the capacity for repayment of your claim.

Customized solutions

We can tailor the extrajudicial collection process to your needs and provide advice accordingly. The overdue rent payments can be submitted monthly via a file or through the online portal. For a large portfolio, an API connection with your system is possible.


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